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About Pastor Ken Austin

In January 2012, the day of my birthday, I accepted the call to preach the gospel of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. At that time, I heard the voice of God speaking to me with such clarity and moreover, the urgency of a father with his children on a beautiful beach, crying out to a life guard to warn the children of the danger of an approaching tidal wave. The more I wrestled, the louder the cry became, and the closer I could see the dangerous tidal wave approaching. I remember waking in the middle of the night from the cry and losing my appetite for the things I harbored in my heart.  After much prayer and fasting, I accepted the call of God to preach the gospel and continue to this day, going into all the world, teaching and preaching the Word of God to His people. 

Not long after answering the call of God, the Lord stirred the nest.  He led us from our comfort zone of many years to birth what is now the New Walk of Life Church and M.A.P. (Ministry About People).  Because of our obedience to God, we continue to find favor in Him, thus, we have much to celebrate.  With fourteen years of preaching the gospel and over ten years of continued service at New Walk of Life Church and M.A.P., our outreach ministry, we are thankful and grateful to God for keeping us every step of the way.

I thank God for blessing us with a wonderful congregation of people; who are equipped to serve the body of Christ through intercessory prayer, teaching God’s word, working with the youth and young adults, leading praise and worship, visiting the sick, transportation,  and the upkeep of the church.  This kind of love and servitude imparted into the community will never go unnoticed.  At New Walk of Life, we realize that it is not so much about the “talk,” but it is more about the “walk.”  “We endeavor to walk in the Spirit, so that we do not fulfill the lust of the flesh.” (Gal 5:16)  Although we are a small congregation, God has moved in mightily.  Thus, we realize that It is not the ‘how many’ but the ‘who many’ that matters most.  To God be the glory.

While Ken has served as pastor at New Walk of Life Church, he has also been on the board of directors with Common Ground Montgomery, served at one point as CGM’s director of operations and community relations director, and is now currently the executive director at the Mercy House.