Ministry About People


It's time to add some natural food to our spiritual fellowship again. We as a church get the amazing opportunity to do ministry in a community that we all love and feel called to by God to serve.


The purpose of the ministry is to "Redirect Lives." We partner with local agencies, churches, and organizations to bridge people in need with those offering help.  

Other tools we use in redirecting lives include our partnerships with the Mercy House, a community food pantry and clothes closet, and the Pathfinder House, a space for adult mentoring and training. Not only are we located in a "food desert," but we are also in a low-income, poverty-stricken, disenfranchised, and marginalized community. We find in our community that most of the people are either unemployed or underemployed, and the food supply in homes usually runs out between pay periods. 

Often, the children and the elderly are the ones mostly affected by this lack of food epidemic in the home. Hunger usually keeps children from focusing and learning at school, and it can deteriorate the mental and physical health of the elderly. This need for food is often met from help outside of our community and almost never by the community. 

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Because we’re about helping our neighbors redirect their lives, we helped found the Mercy House - a clothes closet and food pantry that provides food and snacks for latch-key kids and families in need. There is also a clothes washer and dryer area, as well as a shower suite for those without running water to wash up.

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inviting others to serve

With his work at the Mercy House, Pastor Ken Austin is constantly interacting with other churches in the city, and with that he is always advocating their getting involved in service events in the Washington Park area. Not only to bless the citizens that live here, but to be blessed by them as well.

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The Pathway House

New Walk of Life Church’s next goal is to get the Pathway House up and running. It’s goal is to focus on adult mentoring, financial literacy classes, job interview coaching, and more.